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Mainenance Plan for One Year - Guitars
Everybody likes peace of mind, and that's what this is.  Ahhh.
Why this is a great opportunity:
  • When you have a maintenance agreement with us, you know that your instrument is in the best hands  
  • Our technicians are some of the best in the business and know exactly what your instrument needs to operate correctly
  • Professional musicians know that FEEL is just as important as SOUND.  By having a maintenance agreement you can relax knowing that we will make sure your instrument is set up correctly so that you have the best experience -- and the best chance of success
What you get with this purchase:
  • A Maintenace Agreement outlining exactly what we'll do to keep your instrument playing correctly, including routine repairs and adjustments
  • Coverage that repairs your instrument in case of drops, dings, and normal play wear
  • Peace of mind.  Beginners often don't know what to look for when something seems wrong, and our Maintenance Agreement lets you relax knowing you can simply bring it in for service and not pay anything extra


Can I destroy my instrument and you'll fix it?

No.  Ridiculous behavior is not covered.  This plan maintains your instrument so that it plays correctly... it's not insurance, and it's not replacement coverage.  The spirit of us offering this at a deep discount is to give beginners peace of mind that they don't have to come out of pocket when their instrument needs service.  If you take your guitar in the shower with you, or run over your bass with the lawnmower that's damage, not maintenance.  Take care of your stuff and we'll fill in the gaps that a manufactuer's warranty doesn't cover.  Don't sit on your instrument.  Cool?

List Price: $79.99 Manufacturer: dirt cheep
Price: $34.99 (Save $45.00) Model Number: DCM_M1

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